Rhino MR4 Modular Racking is tailored to Totota Commercial Vehicle.

The height and length of each meticulously designed racking unit are thoughtfully crafted to unlock the full storage potential within your van’s cargo area. By precisely considering the dimensions of the racking unit, Rhino have strategically optimised every inch of available space, ensuring efficient utilisation and maximum storage capacity.

Through careful engineering and attention to detail, these racking units are tailored to seamlessly integrate with the specific dimensions of your van’s cargo area. This tailored approach ensures a perfect fit, eliminating any wasted space and providing a well-organised system that effectively accommodates your tools and equipment.

By maximising the height and length of each racking unit, we enable van users to capitalise on every nook and cranny, effectively transforming their cargo area into a highly functional and neatly arranged storage solution. Whether you have large equipment, bulky tools, or an array of smaller items, our thoughtfully designed racking units cater to your specific needs, allowing you to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity.

With Rhino’s emphasis on maximising storage potential, you can rest assured that your van’s cargo area will be transformed into a well-utilised and efficiently organised space, providing you with the freedom to carry everything you need for your work or leisure activities without compromising on convenience or accessibility.

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