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Ford Fiesta Van MK7 2008-2017 Rear Door Window Guard Blank in Black

Very Strong Visual Deterrent

Will Deter Theft From Your Vehicle

One Person Fitting Time 10-15 Minutes

1.2mm Steel & Powder Coated

Supplied With Concise Fitting Instructions

All Required Fittings Supplied

Made In the UK

Ford Fiesta Van Window Blank in Black-2008 -2017 MK7 for Added Security (HS100-TG/SB)

Manufactured by Hubb Systems, One of the UK’s Largest Fleet Supply & Fit Companies who have many years of experience of not only manufacturing these products but also fitting them which gives them the knowledge of the best designs.

Manufactured right here in the UK by Hubb Systems using 1.2mm single sheet steel which is laser cut for that perfect & precise finish and then powder coated in Black or White which gives the product its smart professional finish.

Window Grilles and Blanks are a proven great visual deterrent, low cost & fitted in minutes,

One Person Fitting Time 10-15 Minutes,

Supplied with all required fittings along with concise fitting instructions.

Hubb Systems Window Blanks/Grilles are a vehicle specific application which ensures the perfect fit on the vehicle.


This product fits on the inside of the glass and requires drilling inside of the rear door of 3.2mm holes and is screwed into place, with a drill driver fitting is easily achieved in under 10-15 minutes.   


Step 1: Carefully remove the tailgate trim by removing the 3 x Philips head screws and carefully prise away from the retaining clips that are fitted behind the plastic trim.

Step 2: Hold the grille in place and bend the long tabs at the bottom of the grille inwards to form the shape of the tailgate by the wiper motor and bend the 3 top tabs to the shape of the rear window aperture.

Step 3: Once happy with the position of the grille drill the 5 x 3.2mm holes for the self- tapping screws and fix using the 4.2mm self-tapping supplied.

Step 4: Carefully re-fit all tailgate trim, the reverse of step 1.


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