Introducing the new Kamm Rack from Rhino

Introducing the new Kamm Rack from Rhino. creating the top commercial van roof rack in Europe by fusing strength, aerodynamics, and premium performance.

Presenting The Kamm Rack From Rhino

The new Kamm Rack from Rhino, which is very aerodynamic and requires only one person to install, replaces Rhino’s Aluminium Rack product, a market-leading commercial vehicle roof storage solution.

Although the new rack initially resembles its predecessor, several adjustments have been made to elevate this product to a higher level.

The rack now has the ultra-aerodynamic “Kamm” bar shape and shares its feet with the Kamm Bar series, which is most notable and conveyed by the new name.

Innovative Aerodynamic Nose Cone

Low wind noise and excellent aesthetics are provided by the extremely aerodynamic nose cones.

Full Width Rear Roller Made of Aluminium

The rear roller is now composed of anodized aluminium, which blends in more cosmetically with the rest of the rack while being just as sturdy as its steel predecessor. With the help of two track nuts in the side frames, the rear roller is secured in position.

Pre-assembled Kamm Bar legs

For quick installation, the Kamm Rack’s legs are delivered with the saddle and plastic cowls in place.

Rack Weight Reduction

The need for sturdy yet lightweight accessories has grown as the weight of contemporary commercial vehicles continues to decrease. The Kamm Rack’s weight has been significantly reduced by the Rhino design team without sacrificing any of the strength.

Click Together Side Frames

Owing to Rhino’s unique “Kamm” bar profile, minimising wind noise

Crossbars with an Aerodynamic "Kamm" Form

Owing to Rhino’s unique “Kamm” bar profile, minimising wind noise

Simple and quick installation: side frame fitting with a click
Our unique approach just needs a few seconds and a few turns of an allen key to seal the connection between the side frames and cross tubes.
Quick and simple installation: side frame "click" fitting
The connection between the side frames and cross tubes may be sealed using our special method in only a few seconds and a few turns of an allen key.
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Install The New Kamm Rack from Rhino Simply By Yourself

The KammRack instals in about 25 minutes for one person and 14 minutes for two people because to its simple and rapid side frame “click together” construction.

The Kamm Rack from Rhino Offers Connections That Don't Rattle

Composite connections are made to be strong, long-lasting, and silent in travel.

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