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Vauxhall Combo Roof Rack,2012-Nov 2018 -3x Roof Bars Vecta Bars by Hubb Systems

The Hubb Systems Vecta Bar is tomorrow’s technology, design and aerodynamics today. The all-conquering load capacity of 89.5kg per bar (Distributed evenly and subject to the Vehicle Handbook guidelines) is achieved using the very latest technology and advanced design which delivers the very best in strength, durability and aesthetics and is currently supplied with 2 Pairs of FREE load stops. Crash Tested to 20g of force at the Horiba-Mira test facility, the industry’s highest. Vecta Bar- Simply the very best in commercial roof bars.

* Designed and Manufactured by the people that actually fit them, they simple were not happy with what they were fitting so they designed and manufactured roof bars correctly.

* The All New 2018 Hubb Systems -VECTA Bar

* Unbeaten 89.5kg per bar load capacity - Industry Average 50kg-55kg

* (Evenly distributed and subject to 'Vehicle Manufacturer Weight Guidelines')

* The Vecta bars are made from quality anodised aluminium (Grade 6082) so are highly resistant to corrosion.

* The Foot Packs are phosphate and powder coated to ensure excellent weather resistant qualities

* The latest technologies in aerodynamic design to Reduce wind noise and drag & aid fuel efficiency

* Supplied with TWO pairs of FREE load stops

* Designed and manufactured in Britain

* 3 year warranty

* Quick and Easy Fitting, approx. 5 minutes per bar.

* Fully Horiba-Mira crash tested to 20g (The highest standard achieved in this industry)

  (Crash test certification available upon request).

* Bar Dimensions- Length 1400mm-Width 59mm and Depth 30mm. (Will Carry 8ft x4ft Sheets)

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