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The Problem With Potholes and What You Need to Do - Van Essentials

The Problem With Potholes

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With a constant increase in van sales, incidents with vans are becoming more regular, whether it is in the owner’s hands or not, more can be done to look after our vans better. Surveys have been conducted among 2,000 van owners, drivers, and operators. 67% reported that within the last 12 months they have received damage as a result of potholes. Government ignorance towards these issues has cost the average pothole victim £411 over the past year.  A national survey identified pothole repair being the top priority and a part of ‘van life’ that needs to be addressed urgently.

Make sure you’re observing the traffic ahead of you and if other cars are swerving and stopping there could be a pothole in the road. Also, beware of puddles of water, they are deceiving as they hide deep and sharp-edged potholes. Reduce your speed on roads that are prone to potholes.

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