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Quick and simple tricks for basic DIY on your van - Van Essentials

Quick and simple tricks for basic DIY on your van

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Van repairs and maintenance can be a costly way to repair small problems with your van, especially when they can be fixed easily without paying a fee. Here are an extra few simple tips and tricks to maintain your van that you can do yourself. Changing Windshield Wipers An important part of windscreen protection and road safety is replacing your wipers. Consult the owner’s manual to determine what replacement blades should be used, we recommended that you replace them annually. They can be required from all auto shops and places online. To swap out the wiper blades, lift the wipers out and slide out the old blades. Be sure to check how the blades are attached, as this varies from every van. Next, attach the new blades, ensuring that you do not bend the wiper arms. Make sure that the new wiper blades are secure. Battery maintenance Cleaning the posts on your battery is a crucial way to stop van inefficiency and keep the vehicle running smoothly. Step one, remove your battery terminals, make sure you remove the negative cable first. Step two, using water and baking soda clean the posts. Coca-Cola also works! Step Three with some water, wash off the posts and then dry and grease them. Finish this off by replacing the terminals. This should ensure a fully cleaned battery, with minimal effort. Changing diesel fuel filters Diesel vans have two fuel filters and primary one found between the engine and the fuel tank and the second one being found closer to the engine. These are both quite simple to change and can be found in a step-by-step guide found in the vehicle manual. Never do this when the engine is running though because the engine has an incredibly powerful suction and you don’t want to risk being sucked through and damaging either yourself or the engine.    





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